Vasque Women’s Breeze GTX Hiking Shoe

Vasque has been making high-quality footwear that is functional, innovative, and attractive since 1965. William D. Sweazy loved the European outdoors so much that he designed and created the Voyageur boot in anticipation of Americans developing a similar love of hiking and backpacking, and his line of shoes is still going strong nearly 50 years later.

Main Features of Vasque Women’s Breeze GTX Hiking Shoebest hiking boots

The Vasque Women’s Breeze GTX is suitable for varied terrain, making it a solid choice for anyone from a hardcore hiker to someone who is going to be spending a long time on his or her feet. Its Vibram Contact outsole gives it good traction and stability, and its waterproof Gore-Tex technology makes the shoe waterproof. The Arc Tempo last gives the shoe agility and quickness, and the EVA midsole, the thermoplastic urethane torsion plate, and the Vibram Contact outsole are all molded together to form one lightweight unit. Vasque has made the Breeze GTX one of the best hiking shoes for women.

Pros of the Vasque Women’s Breeze GTX Hiking Shoe

Stylistically, these shoes are attractive. While a shoe can be functional without looking nice, hikers will likely enjoy the tough and solid look of these shoes. The leather and mesh combination on the outside is not only attractive but functional as well as it helps make the shoes waterproof.

People who enjoy roomy shoes will likely find these shoes to be comfortable. These hiking shoes for women are available in a wide variety of sizes and widths, so hikers will be able to buy the shoe that fits them the best. These are also women’s shoes designed with women in mind, so the higher arches, additional instep support, and narrower heel cup make these shoes a better fit for women than shoes marketed for women but with qualities that would better suit men. The wide gusseted tongue stays in place and is not cumbersome; it stays out of the hiker’s way while doing its job of keeping out trail debris.

The Vibram Contact outsole, the Arc Tempo last, and the molded sole make these shoes good for traversing quickly and steadily over varied terrain. Whether a person is climbing over obstacles or walking through slippery, sticky mud, these shoes will help get the hiker through safely. The aggressive lugs on these boots add additional stability and traction, increasing the boot’s versatility. The flexible yet firm frame also provides ample ankle support, decreasing the risk of sprains or breaks.

One of the features that makes these shoes special is the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane inside the shoe. This membrane allows the hiker to walk through rain as well as wet and damp areas without getting the feet wet. Some types of boots that have this feature can get hot inside, but these boots are highly breathable. The waterproof nubuck leather on the outside of the shoes also contributes to the waterproof qualities of these shoes.

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Cons of the Vasque Women’s Breeze GTX Hiking Shoe

Some reviewers have complained that the Gore-Tex membrane is more water-resistant than truly waterproof. They have claimed that their boots have leaked when submerged in water or when experiencing really damp conditions.

Other reviewers have complained that these shoes lack durability, especially with fairly heavy use. There are claims of separated and worn-out soles after, in some cases, only a few weeks or months of wear. The Gore-Tex membrane has also worn out prematurely in the eyes of some reviewers.

A variety of reviewers have claimed that these shoes run small, meaning that the size they initially purchased was not the right size for them. People with wider-than-average feet felt that the wide would fit a person with normal feet, and people with narrow feet claimed they had a hard time fitting their feet into regular-sized boots.

Overall, these shoes score highly in terms of comfort, style, support, and traction. Experienced hikers who have purchased these shoes before continue to replace them with new Vasque Women’s Breeze footwear as they wear out, testifying to their popularity.

While these shoes score somewhat lower in terms of durability and waterproof dryness, many people who wear these boots are content to simply buy new pairs when they wear out due to their comfort and breathability. These shoes are most suitable for a hiker wearing a mid-weight backpacker, although other types of hikers can still benefit from these boots.



Now It’s Time to Make a Choice

Whether you will be hiking on easy, groomed trails or you will hiking through hills and rugged terrain, there is a hiking shoe just for your situation. Shoe manufacturers make a full spectrum of shoes to fit all types of feet whether you are a male or female. Let’s face it, if your feet are not dry and comfortable then you will not enjoy your hiking trek. It has been said by many experienced hikers that proper footwear is the single most crucial piece of gear needed for hiking. Wearing footwear that fits your foot comfortably is very important in a number of ways.

Wearing the proper footwear provides overall support to your body. With the proper support, your body will not tire as quickly, so you will definitely enjoy your hiking trek a lot more. In addition, when you wear the proper footwear on your feet, your body will have better balance while walking on a the trail or climbing up rugged terrain.

Another bonus to wearing footwear that provides good balance is that the proper footwear provides an additional measure of safety when walking on uneven terrain on the trail.

Because there are so many brands of boots in stores today, you could get frustrated quickly just trying to pick a boot that is right for you. Well before you go out and start browsing the store shelves, let us help you become an informed consumer. We will walk you through the capabilities and features available for a large list of hiking shoes through our ultimate boot comparison guide.

Take your time and review all of the boots in guide to determine which boot is best for you and go ahead and spend the extra dollars to get the boot that you will be pleased with for years to come.