Salomon’s Men’s Quest 4D GTX

General Description
Salomon makes a long list of products that are created with hikers, outdoorsmen and other explorers in mind. The Salomon Men’s Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boot is no exception. Instead, it is a fantastic addition to an already impressive list of reliable boots. This boot is among the top of their products and it is perfect for those who like to hit the trails with a serious attitude when it comes to protection for their feet and support for their bodies.

The Quest 4D GTX boot is Salomon’s big-dog hiking boot. And with the comfort that it provides, you won’t have to worry about its size being an issue. Instead, it’s high-top style provides added ankle support that makes your journeys that much more enjoyable.

Best Features
The first thing that many people notice with this boot is the very high top that comes up and around the ankle. Some people may prefer low or midrange boots, but after wearing the Quest 4D, you just might change your mind. One of the biggest gripes of those who have previously worn high ankle-supported boots is that the area is often constricting when it comes to breathability in the ankle area. Instead, the Quest 4D provides excellent airflow, as well as ankle support that will keep your entire foot safe and supported.

Salomon Quest 4D’s are also waterproof, making them even more perfect for a variety of conditions. They use Gore-Tex material, which can be found on a variety of other outdoors equipment that are notorious for keeping you dry and warm. That same Gore-Tex material also allows for your feet to remain breathable and get plenty of airflow, that way you don’t feel constricted or get overly sweaty feet on the inside of yoru shoe.

Another major benefit of these shoes is how easily they break in and how quickly they become comfortable to wear on a regular basis. Because they are a bit bulky, you may think that they will be stiff and uncomfortable for the first few treks that you go on. But instead, you can take these boots straight out of the box and lace them up right away, all while expecting extreme comfort and support.

– Outstanding support that begins in the toe and goes all the way up the ankle. This makes for one of the most comfortable boots on the market from the first day you put them on.
– Salomon is known for making reliable products that are built to last.
– Water resistant material makes it easy to trek through a variety of different conditions without getting wet or sweaty.
– You won’t need to break these boots in, but instead they’ll be ready from the moment you pull them out of the box.

– At over $200, they are a bit more pricey. However, they are likely to last you for multiple season’s worth of hiking and trekking, so they are worth the investment.

When it’s hard to find more cons about a product aside from its price point, you know you are in for a good boot. And with the Salomon Men’s Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boot, that can certainly be expected. This shoe is top of the line and provides excellent comfort and support during your entire hiking journey.