KEEN Women’s Gypsum Mid Boots

With each step that you take when you are on the trails, it is vital that your feet are stable, secure and comfortable. With the Keen Gypsum Mid Hiking Boot for women, you can lace up and know that you are ready for whatever conditions or terrain that makes up your trail.

Best Features
When you are out on a hike, you never know what conditions may come your way. That’s what makes the Keen Gypsum so perfect, as it is ready for a multitude of situations. Specifically, the waterproof material allows for you to adventure through puddles and other wet areas, without having to risk getting your socks soaked throughout the rest of your journey.

Gypsum has it’s own EVA midsole inside of the shoe. With that, and the removable footbed, you will be certain to have arch support that is comfortable on your feet and supportive on your back. This also means that your feet will get tired less quickly, which is perfect for those looking to make day-long trips without having to rest every few minutes.

This boot also works to protect your foot, as much as it does support it. The Gypsum patented toe protector will allow for you to kick debris and rocks out of your way, and it also adds extra support for the bigger obstacles that you may not see coming until it’s too late.

The Gypsum Mid Hiking Boot for women is extremely comfortable. This boot works from the bottom up, with support that is added in the sole and all the way up the ankle. Furthermore, the padded toe protection offers added support and safety.

The waterproof functionality means that you won’t have to cut your trip short, just because the weather patterns change during your trek.

Minimized foot fatigue will keep you going longer, with more overall comfort in the body.

Sizes fit very well to size. This means you can order future pairs online and feel confident that they’ll properly.

At first, you may feel as if these boots are a bit more clunky than other options. That is typically because of the added support and it is certainly worth it once your feet adjust.

Overall, the Keen Gypsum Mid Hiking Boot is an excellent option for women who are looking for a comfortable and long lasting boot for treks and trails. Whether you are looking for your first investment into a hiking boot, or buying another pair to replace your old ones, you can’t go wrong with these.