KEEN Targhee II Waterproof Boots Review

General Description
If you are looking for a tough hiking boot that will help you conquer trails that are just as rugged, the Keen Men’s Taghee II Waterproof hiking boot is an ideal choice. The boot is made of waterproof material that will keep your feet dry, even when stepping in puddles or other elements along your hikes. With a 4mm outsole, you are going to get great traction on a variety of different surfaces in changing weather conditions. What might be the most valuable element to this boot is the comfort they provide. Whether you are going for a quick jot up the mountain, or taking a weekend trip to camp out, you can expect your feet to remain warm, dry and comfortably supported throughout the entire excursion. The perfect mix of sporty style and durable material, the Keen Men’s Taghee II is the perfect option for those looking for a new pair of hiking boots.

Best Features
The Keen Targhee II is known for its comfortable toebox. This area is rounded enough to where it provides amazing comfort every time you put on these boots. However, the same area isn’t so big that it allows too much wiggle room for your foot to squirm around. Instead, assuming you get the right size, it’s the perfect amount of space for comfort and stability.

Keen also implemented its use of its K3 system in the Taghee II. S3 stands for shock, suspension and stability, which are the three areas of emphasis in this boot. The Keen will support your foot while walking, while also working to avoid shock to your body during those same strides. This makes injury less prevalent in areas like your ankle or lower back.

The waterproof membrane of the Keen Targhee II keeps this boot dry, even when in wet conditions. Whether you are hiking in the snow, trudging through a moist area, or even cutting across a small stream, you can expect your feet to stay dry throughout the entire journey. And while you can expect your foot to stay dry from the conditions, the membrane still provides enough airflow that is breathable and keeps your feet from getting overly hot and sweaty.

– The toebox provides for a supported and safe area in the front of your shoe, yet it isn’t constricting or uncomfortable.
– The waterproof membrane makes trekking through a variety of different conditions possible without having to carry a dry pair of shoes.
– Good traction.
– Great price for the quality of boot that you are paying for.

– While the Keen Targhee II holds up well in the beginning, once it starts to fall apart, it does so quickly. It’s not necessarily the longest lasting boot on the market.
– Limited earth tone color options. If that’s not your thing, you have to stick to the colors provided.

Overall, for it’s price point and the quality it provides, you can’t go wrong with the Keen Targhee II waterproof boot. You won’t be able to find a boot that is in the same price range that provides an equal amount of comfort. And while the longevity of this boot is up for debate, the price makes it easy to buy another pair after a few years of comfortable hiking.