KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Review

General Description
Keen is typically known more for the sandals that it makes, rather than any type of hiking boot. However, the Keen Targhee II mid hiking boots for women is a definite winner for women who are looking for a comfortable pair of boots during their next hiking season.

The Targhee II comes in either a mid or low-cut version, which is perfect for those with varying desires or expectations for ankle support. If you’ve ever had a pair of Keen sandals, then you know that this company makes products that last. The same can be said about the Targhee II’s, as the rubberized sole and outer material is quite sturdy and durable. When you are out on uncertain types of trail and terrain, it is important to have a boot that you know will be suitable for the conditions. And you can expect the Targhee II to do just that.

Best Features
Inside the Targhee II is a toe bumper that makes your treks more comfortable and provides more toe support when you are hiking. And with their waterproof body that is supported by Keen Dry, they don’t hold much water, nor does water leak inside. These two features are not only great for keeping your feet dry and safe, but also warm and comfortable.

The traction provided by the Targhee II is also a highlight of this boot. The entre sole is built to last, which means that no matter the surface conditions you are trekking through, you will be able to find support, without slipping and sliding all over the place.

These boots are priced around $130, which is among the best priced boots in the category. Considering the value and quality of the boot, they are certainly worth that price point.

The mesh, rubberized also goes into making this boot an even better product. You can get a very tight, yet comfortable, fit when you lace up and get out on the trails. This will prohibit the boot from loosening up or becoming uncomfortable during your trek, which is an issue with many other boots.

– The rubberized toe is just enough to keep your feet protected, but it isn’t inhibiting.
– Having a waterproof boot is vital, as you never know what type of conditions you’ll come across on your path.
– Extremely comfortable when you first put them on, but as well throughout an entire trek as well.
– Great traction that keeps you stable and safe.
– Fantastic price.

– Some people don’t seem to be crazy about the look. Although this is likely because of the added protection around the tongue and laces, which is worth the tradeoff for looks.
– Keen has shoddy customer service. So, in the off chance you need assistance, you may have a difficult time getting ahold of someone to support you.


Overall, if you are a woman who is looking for a new hiking boot, then you can’t go wrong with the Targhee II. This boot is extremely comfortable and keeps your foot protected and warm, all for a price that you won’t find in terms of matched quality.