Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV Review

Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV Hiking Boot

General Description
Those who are looking for a rugged and reliable hiking boot, at a price that is reasonable and worth it, the Hi-Tec Altitude IV Hiking Boot is a great entry-level product. This boot comes in a leather and textile material that is complimented by a sturdy rubber outsole that provides traction in a variety of different surface conditions. The boot also claims to be waterproof, which mostly is true but will be explained upon further later in this review. Hi-Tec has continued to make versions of the Altitude Boot, and version IV has vastly improved upon earlier models to make a great option for those looking for a quality boot.

Best Features
Surprisingly, the Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV is one of the most supportive boots available. There are some boots that comes hundreds of dollars that come with a high-profile designer name that can hold up to the same amount of support that the Altitude IV’s offer. Whether you are hiking for 10+ hours a day, running errands or simply wearing these shoes to work, you can expect to do so with the utmost support for your heel and back.

The EVA midsole adds to the comfort of these shoes. However, they also make it to where the shoe remains lightweight. This is an invaluable addition, especially when you are out trekking and you need to remain as light as possible to continue on your journey.

These shoes hold up well in a variety of conditions. Whether you are walking along gravel and sandy elements, or a wet and moist grassy area, you can expect the Altitude IV’s to continually provide support and protection for your foot. However, while they do offer a waterproof material, that may not be as true as some other models. Other shoes not only hold up as waterproof, but they also keep your foot warm. And although your shoe may not start taking on a ton of water when wearing these, you may notice that they can get to be a bit colder than other models available.

– Outstanding price that provides a great entry level boot for those who are also looking to not spend an arm and a leg.
– Supportive sole and interior that keeps your feet comfortable all day long.
– Enough support for even wider feet who may have difficulty otherwise finding a supportive boot.
– Lightweight, yet still durable.

– The waterproof claim isn’t as reliable as some other, though more expensive, models.
– The sizing can be a bit weird as well. If you have worn Hi-Tec boots before, you’re likely to matchup as in the past. However, don’t expect these boots to fit the same as some other lines of boots. Instead, you may need to try a pair on before you make a purchase.

Overall, the Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV builds on the positives of previous models and makes an even better hiking boot than ever before. Not everyone is looking to spend a few-hundred dollars on boots, and these provide the perfect alternative for that desire.