Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot Review

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Columbia, named for a mighty river, is considered a leader in the field of outdoor apparel and manufacturer of some of the best hiking boot brands. They began as a family company and are still run by that same family, though they are now a global corporation.

Columbia has been making terrific outdoor gear since 1938, promising excellent, field-tested quality in their outerwear, sportswear and top 10 hiking boots. Part of their mission is to “try stuff” to make sure it’s good quality, and they invite you to try their stuff too. If you’re looking for the best hiking boots for your feet, you can turn with trust to the boots sold by Columbia.

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Bootbest hiking boots is a boot you can feel confident in when you hit the trail. Its lightweight midsole but tough outer construction make it a boot that’s both comfortable to wear and durable for hiking on all kinds of terrain. The outsole has strong, gripping traction and the upper is waterproof and helps your foot to breathe. It’s a lightweight boot overall, weighing only about a pound (a little over two pounds per pair), so when you take the mountains and woods, you won’t feel weighed down.

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The specific features of the Newton Ridge Hiking Boot include:

•  An upper made of a combination of full-grain leather and mesh
•  Upper seams sealed with waterproof seams, their special “OmniShield” treatment so the boot will be resistant to both water and stains
•  Strong lacing hardware for a good fit
•  A patented cushioned midsole, lightweight and comfortable
•  A patented rubber outsole with strong gripping action
•  Shaft measuring about four inches from the arch
•  Comes in two colors: quarry and crown jewel
•  Comes in sizes and half-sizes from 5 to 10.5 and in sizes 11 and 12

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Customers mention a number of pros when they talk bout these hiking boots. For such a durable boot, the price, at under $100, is considered quite reasonable. They’re cited for their comfort right out of the box, as they don’t need much breaking in. They have a “roomy” fit, so they work well with warm, thick hiking socks. They’ll keep your feet warm in cold weather hiking, but the leather/mesh combination breathes well so that your feet stay cooler even if you’re hiking in warmer temperatures. The attractiveness of the boot is another plus. Many customers call these their “go-to” boots even for everyday wear.

On the negative side, the boots are not as “heavy-duty” as some customers would like. Some who have exposed the boots to repeated wetness think they don’t hold up to such prolonged exposure to moisture. Others say the boots are better suited to shorter hikes than long ones, citing discomfort in the balls of the feet or in the toe box area. Overall, even those customers who cited some issues generally still praised the boot for its attractiveness and lightweight feel.

Not every boot suits every person. When you’re looking for the best hiking shoes or boots, it’s important to try various types to see what works best for your particular feet and for the outdoor work or leisure activities you pursue. For short to moderate hikes in various terrains, including grass, gravel, rocks and streams, the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Hiking Boot Plus is an excellent choice as one of the best women’s hiking boots 2014.  This hiking boot is made with of durable, lightweight construction, and has a roomy and breathable fit, with a comfortable midsole and strong traction.

It’s also an attractive boot you can enjoy wearing in every day situations, even if you don’t always have time to hit the trail.