Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boots For Women

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Columbia Sportswear is a brand name highly associated with quality products for outdoor adventures. Originally founded as a simple “hat company,” Columbia eventually expanded its product line to cover just about all conceivable outdoor clothing product needs. The company boasts of being committed to producing quality products for consumers.

Additionally, Columbia Sportswear has an active “giving back” program that supports various nonprofit organizations; this brand also makes statements about being dedicated to researching responsible resourcing options and reducing the overall company environmental impact.

As could be expected from a company known for its outdoor wear product line, Columbia Sportswear offers a wide selection of hiking boots. Among these popular products is the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot best hiking boots. This boot is designed to be optimal for trekking through a full range of terrain while providing users with good traction throughout it all with its Omni-Grip non-marking rubber outsoles.

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A combination of mesh and leather makes up the remainder of this boot’s construction, making it both breathable and strong. This hiking boot is also waterproof and stain-resistant, thanks to an Omni-Shield treatment. A Techlite lightweight cushion midsole is included in the Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot as well, in order to provide comfortable support during hikes, and the boot’s shaft measures about four inches from the arch. A size 7.5 shoe in this model weighs 16.3 ounces.

The pros for this product are fairly obvious. The waterproof construction combined with durable mesh construction make for a boot that is as comfortable when going across a brook as it is when hiking along a hot, dusty trail. The firm footholds provided by the excellent traction of this boot’s sole should provide most hikers with ample reassurance that they shouldn’t need to worry about slipping and falling from boot malfunction during a long hike.

Most user reviews of this product state that it fits true to size, making ordering online a perfectly valid purchasing option. These boots are also relatively lightweight for a hiking boot, making them more comfortable than some heavier options. Finally, the Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot is currently available in two different color options—a fact that’s definitely a pro for any women looking for aesthetic variety in a hiking shoe.

However, this hiking boot also has a few cons as well. Some customer reviews of this hiking boot complained that the boots’ soles were very slippery when wet. Others state that they thought these boots were better for short to medium hikes than for longer hikes; these reviews complain that the Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot would be better for longer hikes if it offered greater support and had more cushioning inside.

At the same time, however, many other user reviews claimed that once they inserted their personal orthotics into these boots they had no support or cushioning problems. Finally, even though these boots are definitely much more affordable than many other hiking boot options, they still might be considered a bit too pricy for some consumers’ budgets.

Overall, the Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot appears to be a quality lightweight shoe that makes it one of the best hiking boots for women. For some users, it should offer adequate support for decently long hikes, and for others, inserting orthotics into the boots should solve most other support problems. The quality construction of these boots should help them last for a good period of time as well.