Ahnu Montara Women’s Hiking Shoes Review

Ahnu is a company geared toward balance. Balance is important for any healthy lifestyle. Balance is something that many people seek, but is hard to achieve. Ahnu balances work with play, and business with environmental responsibility to create an uncompromising footwear experience for the customers. Their products are engineered to satisfy the natural bio mechanics of feet.

Ahnu is located in the San Francisco area. Their goal is to provide comfort within adventure, and fashion within exercise. The gear that they provide ensures a natural sufficiency in the outdoors. Ahnu is the name of the Celtic goddess of well being and prosperity. Their footwear is a paradoxical inspiration.

Ahnu Women’s Montara Bootbest hiking shoes

best hiking shoes
The Women’s Montara Collection is specifically unique. The boots provide comfort and stability. This stays true whether you are hiking up a treacherous mountain, or strolling down your driveway. These boots are surprisingly lightweight with many practical features. They are breathable, with a special padded collar to keep your ankles comfortable.

There is a specific Vibram out-sole that is perfect for any intense or slippery surface. These boots even have toe protectors- to prevent any frostbite or blistering. Fast hiking, traditional hiking, and regular walking in any weather are all accessible options when wearing these boots. These women’s hiking boots contain more sophistication than most men’s hiking boots.

The upper portions of these women’s hiking boots are leather and suede. They are flexible and tough, guaranteeing a lasting trail performance. The eVEnt membranes ensure protection from all elements, while still maintaining a receptivity to oxygen. The pig leather of the collars creates instant comfort. There are nylon linings to ensure sweat-less feet, and a cushioned support underfoot from the EVA midsoles. These blessings weigh only 1 pound and 14 ounces, and provide footwear closure with their durable laces.

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These hiking boots may be 1/2 a size too small, so caution is advised with size expectation. It may take a while to break them into the shapes of your feet. The reviews indicate that it takes about a week straight of wearing them in order for the feet to feel cozy. Some people have reported that they are better on dry land than with any long term water exposure. What may be difficult about these boots is that they tend to become squishy in swamps and streams. They come in black, brown, and blue, but the blue is more purple-ish than it appears online.

There is a mostly suede version of the boot, and a mostly leather one. The leather ones are better for chaotic weather. The boots also come in two different lengths- the over ankle is better for winter, and the under-ankle is better for warmer climates. Ahnu has put in a great effort to cater to all of the hiker’s footwear needs.

The hiking shoes reviews for these shoes have generally lived up to it’s fantastic description. All in all, they are a great investment for anyone with feet. They are especially savvy when it comes to hiking in dry places. The Ahnu Women’s Montara Boots may provide an incentive for consistent fresh air and exercise.