Best Hiking Boots 2017

There are so many styles and brands of hiking boots on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you! You are in luck because you have come to the RIGHT PLACE! We have put together this one-stop shop resource of hiking boot reviews to help you make the decision on which is the best hiking shoe for you. So before you buy any hiking shoes, let us provide you with some buying tips so that you will be better prepared to select the best hiking boot brands for the money. We provide in-depth useful information on the highest rated hiking shoes.

Keen hiking boots

So, what kind of hiking boots are you looking for? Will you be hiking on steep terrain where you will good sturdy hiking shoes? Or will you be hiking on flat trails for long distances? Or maybe you just need a good pair of sturdy hiking shoes to work in.

Sturdy and rugged OR light and comfortable? Expensive or affordable?

You can get frustrated quickly just trying to pick the best hiking boot brands that are right for you. Our website provides comprehensive hiking boot reviews that will help you make your decision. We will walk you through the different types available in a large list of highest rated hiking shoes in our ultimate hiking comparison guide. You don’t want just any boot made for hiking, you want the best hiking boots that you can afford.

Ultimate Hiking Boots Comparison Guide

The interactive chart below lists the best hiking shoes 2014 in a way that you can filter and sort by different categories to help you decide which is the right type of boot for you.

Comparison Key

BootBest UsesPriceUser Rating
Timberland Men's Chocoruabest hiking bootsDay Hiking;
Multi-Day Backpacking
Salomon Men's Quest 4D GTXbest hiking bootsDay Hiking;
Multi-Day Backpacking
Timberland Men's White Ledge
Day Hiking;
Hi-Tec Men's Altitude IVbest hiking bootsCool Weather Hiking; Multi-Day Backpacking$4.4
Vasque Men's Breeze 2.0 GTX best hiking bootsLight Day Hikes$$4.4
KEEN Men's Targhee II Midbest hiking bootsHiking; Backpacking; Canyoneering$$4.3
Asolo Power Matic 200 GV best hiking bootsBackpacking;
Rescue Work
Merrell Moab Ventilator Multisport
best hiking boots
Hot Weather Hiking;
KEEN Men's Glarus
best hiking boots
Day Hiking;
Multi-Day Backpacking
KEEN Men's Summit County III
 best hiking boots
Cold Weather Day Hiking$$4.6
Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus
 best hiking boots
Light Hiking$4.5
Hi-Tec Men's Altitude V
 best hiking boots
Day Hiking;
Multi-Day Backpacking
Merrell Men's Thermo 6 Cold Weather Boot
best hiking boots
Day Hiking$$4.5

Included in the interactive chart are 7 columns:
• Boot brand and name/model – (click to view more details or to purchase)
• Best Uses
• Price – approximate prices on
The prices can change from time to time based on seller, special sales, availability, etc.
The pricing range is: $ = under $100, $$ = $100 to $150, $$$ = $150 to $200, $$$$ = $200+
• Rating – this is the combined user rating on A rating that is provided by someone who has used the product can be extremely informative and helpful in making a buying decision.

The hiking shoes reviews included in this chart are actually only a small sampling of the highest rated hiking boots available. So many brands and models exist that we could not have included all of them. However, many of the best hiking shoes are included at every price range and from a wide variety of quality manufacturers.

Most of the boots included in the chart are boots that many experts feel make the best boot to use for hiking.

How to Find the Best Hiking Boots To Fits Your Needs

In the interactive chart above, you will discover some of the most popular and best hiking boot brands made for hiking available to buy on the market today. However, before jumping into the deep end of this comparison chart, let’s preview what information is included in the comparison guide. Instead of listening to a YouTube video about what an amateur thinks the best hiking shoe may be, take time to read our thorough reviews included in the ultimate guide to help you make an educated decision on which is the right boots made for hiking to buy for your needs.

So, in the chart above you will find a summary of the best hiking boots 2014 in one convenient spot. This one-of-a-kind guide will help you pick the best hiking shoes 2014 for your needs. We all have our personal preferences on what makes the best hiking shoes, but to really enjoy your hike whether it is an easy day hike or a strenuous technical hike, you want the absolute best boots possible, so we’re here to help you to find it.

Honestly, all of the hiking shoes reviews included in the interactive chart are excellent choices; but there are few of the best hiking shoes that we want to recognize as our favorites. In the paragraphs below, you will find our top 5 choices of the best hiking shoes 2014 made accompanied by more a more comprehensive review of each.  So, pull up your outdoor chair, let’s read these hiking boots reviews.

When you are out hiking on trails every step that is taken must be made securely and safely. Because your personal safety is very important to you and your family, it is crucial that you wear the right hiking footwear to match the type of hiking that you are doing. With the best hiking boot brands, you can feel comfortable and secure and ready for variable conditions on your hiking adventure.


Finding the Best Deals on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest websites to buy products. Because of the large volume of sales, you can find some great prices on hiking boots there. All of the links in the Ultimate Hiking Boots Comparison Guide will take to you to best prices on We have also provide an amazing table for DEEP discounts at Amazon on other products. Visit the Amazon Deal Finder page to find some fantastic bargains.

What Makes the Best Hiking Shoes?

Good hiking shoes are probably the most crucial pieces of gear that you will purchase for your hiking expedition. Because if your feet are not comfortable, you will not have an enjoyable hiking experience. Wearing the best hiking shoe that you can afford while hiking will allow you to walk or hike comfortably and go farther. Some of features of th best hiking shoes is that they will be light and comfortable. In addition, a superior boot will be waterproof and will keep your feet warm and protected.

Let’s look at what really makes a boot a good boot. Is it the sturdy material that it is made out of? Is it because it is waterproof and keeps your feet dry during rain or muddy trail conditions? Is is because of good tread to help you negotiate uneven terrain? Is it the special design of the shoe that makes it fit just right? Is it the material that the sole is made out of? Is the color and outer appearance of the shoe? Actually each of these specific characteristics work together to make a good shoe a great shoe for hiking.

A boot must be made with a good, strong durable material so that it will withstand the wear and tear that it will be subjected to on the trail. In addition, a boot make of strong material will last longer and you want have to buy another pair as soon as if you bought a cheap pair of boots. A boot that is made of waterproof material is definitely a required feature for the best hiking shoes 2017.

A waterproof hiking boot will keep your dry while hiking. Keeping your feet dry while hiking is absolutely essential. If your feet get wet and the temperature outside is cold or below freezing, you could easily get cold and come down with hypothermia. So waterproof hiking shoes are high on the list of features to look for in a hiking shoe. Having good tread on your shoe is important for keeping you safe while hiking on the trail. Whether you are hiking on an easy, groomed, level trail or hiking through uneven and rugged terrain, good tread will help you keep balance. Maintaining good balance is crucial to staying safe on the trail.

The Right Fit!

Each of the features discussed above are important in deciding if a boot is a good one or not. However, probably the most important consideration of all is the “right fit”. A boot must fit your foot comfortably and snug. The boot should not feel tight around your foot whether on the side or against your toes. If your boots are too tight or too loose, you are going to be uncomfortable and will not have a good time on the trail. However, if a boot fits comfortably and snug, then you will enjoy your hiking experience.

Boot Manufacturers There are a number of manufacturers that make excellent hiking footwear. Some of the most popular brand names include: Merrell, KEEN, Lowa, Asolo, Hi-Tec, Vasque, Salomon and Timberland.

When buying hiking footwear, consider purchasing a brand that you are familiar with. Many boot manufacturers tend to make boots in a consistent manner. So if you purchased boots from a manufacturer before and liked them considering purchasing from the same company again. If you looking at buying a boot from a new manufacturer, consider purchasing at least three different pairs of boots.

When you get them, try each of them on and walk around the house with for several hours. Pick the pair that fits your foot the best and return the other two pair of shoes. In today’s market, most on-line sellers have a no questions asked return policy.

Types of Hiking Boots?

There are basically three types of hiking shoes:

1. Trail Shoes or Lightweight Boots

2. Midweight Boots

3. Mountaineering or Heavy Duty Boots

Lightweight boots or trail shoes are made for beginning to intermediate hikers that will be taking one day hikes. These trail shoes are generally lightweight and comfortable with only limited support for the foot and ankle. Midweight boots are made for experienced hikers traversing over more difficult terrain. Usually experienced hikers will be carrying a reasonably weighty backpack.

Midweight hiking or backpacking boots are usually provide more support than lightweight boots. The backpacking boot is more durable since it is intended for use by experienced hikers on 1 to 4 day hiking trips over variable terrain.

Mountaineering boots or heavy duty boots are also referred to as mountaineering or technical boots. These type of boots are designed for experienced hikers who will hiking and climbing over variable terrain and may be carrying a heavy backpack. These heavy duty mountaineering boots are generally waterproof and give substantial support and stability to the foot and ankle area.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Boot to Wear for Hiking

There are a wide variety of hiking shoes available on the market today. In order to pick a boot that will fit your needs, you must first determine what type of hiking activity you will be doing. If you will be hiking on a relatively flat, groomed trail then you will need a less durable hiking shoe than say a backpacker heading out for a 10 day hike on the Appalachian Trail. The following paragraphs provide some information on what features to look for when choosing a boot for hiking. Because there is no one right boot for hiking for every foot, manufacturers make several types of boots so that you can choose one that fits your foot comfortably and meets your needs.

Basic Boot Design

A good boot for hiking is one that is designed for the type of hiking that you will be doing. Some of the most important features in the design of a boot for hiking include:

  • water resistance
  • weight
  • durability

For day hikers that take easy day hikes, lightweight boots or trail shoes are acceptable to wear. These shoes are usually made from nylon or split-grain leather which makes these types of boots lightweight, breathable and are much easier on the feet. In addition, boots made from split-grain leather are less expensive than those made from full-grain leather.

So this makes buying a good boot for hiking easier on the budget for the once-in-awhile day hiker. However, (and you knew this was coming), lightweight boots are not very durable nor are they good water resistant boots. So, if you are going to be doing some heavy duty hiking then you are going to need to buy a more rugged boot.

Boots for hiking are made from full-grain leather are much more durable and water resistant than lightweight boots. Boots made from full-grain leather are heavier and better suited for hiking on variable terrain. Mountaineering hikers definitely need a sturdy technical boot made from full-grain leather. Be aware that this type of boot is somewhat stiff so it will require a break in period to loosen the material. So buy this hiking shoe ahead of time and wear it during your pre-hike workouts.

Top 3 Best Hiking Boots 2017

1. KEEN Targhee II Hiking Shoe

Keen Men’s Targhee II is a high performing hiking shoe. The Targhee II provides comfort and is rugged enough to provide solid support. The Targhee II is popular choice among hikers looking for a rough-and-tough hiking boot.

  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • 4mm multi directional lugs
  • Dual density compression molded EVA midsole
  • KEEN.DRY waterproof breathable membrane
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Patented toe protection


2. Lowa Tibet GTX Trekking Bootbest hiking boots

LOWA boots have been acclaimed by climbers, mountaineers and hikers as the finest outdoor boots in the world. Every LOWA boot is handcrafted in Europe, where they incorporate the elements of thoughtful design, superb materials, clean manufacturing processes and fair labor standards.

  • 100% Nubuck
  • Vibram sole
  • Ideal for heavy packs (50+ lbs.)
  • Seamless, waterproof Gore-Tex lining
  • Climate Control perforated lining manages moisture and heat
  • C4 anatomically contoured tongue
  • FlexFit natural ankle flex and heel fit


  3. Hi-Tec Altitude IV Hiking Shoe

The Hi-Tec Altitude IV is a one of the best hiking shoes because it is a waterproof and durable shoe. The Altitude is a rugged and stylish hiking shoe that has a padded leather collar. There’s even a Comfort-Tec contoured sockliner to help support feet mile after mile.

  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Ankle” from arch
  • Waterproof upper
  • Soft, padded collar
  • Rust-proof brass hardware
  • Comfort Tec removable sockliner
  • Lightweight, injection-molded EVA midsole


Best Women’s Hiking Boots 2017

What is the single most important thing to know before going on a hiking trip? Experienced hikers will tell you that the difference between having an enjoyable hiking trek and a not so enjoyable trip is the type of hiking shoes that you buy to put on your feet. Choosing the best women’s hiking boots 2017 is the single most important step that you can make.

[table id=4 /]

Because comfortable footwear is so important, it is worth the investment to give your feet and ankles adequate support to prevent slips and stumbles. In this article, we will provide our choices for the best women’s hiking boots 2017. Since women’s feet are shaped differently than men’s feet, it doesn’t work well when a women just buys a smaller version of the best hiking shoes for men. The shoe will not fit well on the woman.

A women’s foot is usually slightly wider in the foot and narrower in the heel than a man’s foot. A woman’s foot also has a somewhat longer arch than a man’s foot. Because of this we recommend that females buy boots specifically designed for women. As with all the best hiking shoes, comfort is a paramount concern. Comfort is probably the most crucial aspect of a good boot. If you plan on hiking any considerable distance or wearing your boots for a long period of time, then it is important that your hiking shoes have a comfortable fit. Comfortable hiking footwear should fit well and be easy to walk in.

KEEN Women’s Targhee II  best hiking boots

Keen Women’s Targhee II is the perfect boot for hiking. This durable boot provides you with excellent comfort and at the same time it provides the support of a rough-and-tough boot. The Targhee waterproof boots keep your feet dry and your step steady thanks to a waterproof nubuck upper and 4-millimeter multi-directional lugs. The Targhee II also combines an S3 heel structure with a dual-density, compression-molded EVA midsole and a Keen Metatomical EVA footbed. Features:

  • Sporty lace-up boot with waterproof upper
  • EVA midsole and removable footbed for exceptional support
  • S3 heel support prevents ankle injuries
  • Keen Dry liner wicks away moisture
  • Multi-directional lugs for dependable traction

Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX best hiking boots

Renegade is one of Lowa’s best hiking shoes. Most people aren’t interested in long-mileage hikes with a heavy pack strapped on their backs. For most people, a three to five hour hike with frequent breaks is typical. In addition, hiking at least once a month is considered often. Thus the demand and appreciation for this model of boot for hiking is high.

The Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX is built for your typical day hiker in mind. The support in the boot is more than enough for the weekend warrior. It is also a good pair of work boots if your working environment demands such footwear.


  • Built on an exclusive, LOWA women’s last for optimal fit and comfort.
  • UPPER: Nubuk leather.
  • LINING: Waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX®. A LOWA patented design.
  • FOOTBED: Climate control footbed, with comfort perforations improves breathability, creating a blister-free world for your feet.
  • MIDSOLE: PU Monowrap® Frame, a LOWA patented construction technique that allows us to reduce overall boot weight while retaining important lateral stability.
  • OUTSOLE: Vibram® Evo.
  • STABILIZER: Full length nylon.


Ahnu Women’s Montara Boot

The Ahnu Women’s Montara Boot is considered to be a mid-height boot which is typically designed for light weight hiking. The Montara’s key features include a padded collar, eVent breathable waterproof liner and nubuck upper (waterproof-oiled leather). This boot also comes with a rubber toe and heel protector.

This boot also has a suede quarter panel, Vibram outsole for traction on a variety of surfaces, mid-cut for added security and protection. And the proprietary Numentum technology is engineered to center and guide the foot to promote a balanced and even stride.


  • Leather-and-textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 4.75″ from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1.25″
  • Padded collar eVent
  • Breathable, waterproof bootie
  • Vibram outsole
  • Rubber toe protector

KEEN Women’s Gypsum Mid Hiking Shoe best hiking boots

The Keen Gypsum Mid Waterproof boot provides stability and comfort mile after mile. Whether you’re hitting the trails or running errands around town, you’ll appreciate the straightforward, low-profile appeal of the Gypsum. This lightweight shoe features a waterproof nubuck upper, Dri-Lex collar, and Keen. Dry membrane for exceptional moisture control. For cushioned support, the Gypsum offers a range of innovative features, including an S3 heel-support structure system, TPU shank, and EVA midsole.


  • Leather and fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 5″ from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1.5″
  • 4mm multi directional traction lugs
  • KEEN.DRYTM waterproof breathable membrane
  • KEEN.Zorb Strobel

Salomon Women’s Comet 3D Lady GTX Hiking Shoe best hiking boots

Combining comfort with durability, the Comet 3D GTX boot lets you traverse rugged terrain as easily as possible. Featuring waterproof Gore-Tex lining, a 3D chassis inspired by running shoes, and a non-marking Contagrip sole, these boots are light and flexible enough for day hikes yet heavy-duty enough for backpacking trips.

The Comet’s waterproof nubuck leather upper securely holds the foot in place and keeps your feet dry on wet trails. The tall shaft protects against ankle injuries, while a molded EVA midsole reduces overall boot weight. A heel strap further promotes stability. The Salomon Women’s Comet 3D GTX is a waterproof, lightweight boot designed for 1-2 day hikes. The Gore-Tex gasket makes this boot exceptionally waterproof while still allowing moisture and heat to escape.


  • Leather-and-fabric
  • Manmade sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 4.5″ from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1.25″
  • 3D Chassis provides dynamic cushioning, 3D stability, all mountain traction
  • Protective upper heel cap and toe cap
  • Waterproof


Choosing the Best Hiking Shoes for Women

How do you choose the best hiking shoes 2017 for women? There are several features of the best hiking shoes for women to know about and to keep in mind as you shop for the best women’s hiking boots 2017.

  • Waterproof:  Only buy waterproof hiking footwear.
  • Lightweight: Unless you are going on a strenuous hike like climbing a steep mountain, no reason to be weighed down with heavy shoes.
  • Comfort: This feature is probably the most important. Always buy a shoe that is comfortable on your feet.
  • Protection: Buy hiking footwear that provides solid protection for your feet and ankles. Even on an easy hike, you can roll your ankle and suffer an injury.


Types of Boots

There are generally 4 types:

1. Light hiking shoes:  These are low-cut shoes which resemble running and are excellent for day hikes.

2. Hiking boots:  These boots are mid to high-cut shoes that are intended for day hikes or intermediate distance backpacking trips.

3. Backpacking boots:  These boots are made to support heavier loads on multi-day hiking trips that are suitable for on- or off-trail travel. These boots are durable and supportive, with stiffer mid-soles than light hiking boots.

4. Mountaineering boots: Mountaineering boots are durable and supportive.


Boot Cut Types

  • Low-cut Shoes:  These shoes are good for lightweight hiking expeditions. These low-cut shoes are a  good selection for walking on maintained trails.
  • Mid-cut Boots: These types of boots are high enough to wrap around your ankles and offer some protection to your ankles. Mid-cut boots are good boots for short distance multi-day hiking treks.
  • High-cut Boots: The high-cut boots provide substantial ankle support and protection on uneven trails and terrain. The sturdy high-cut boots should be broken in before starting a long-distance hiking expedition.


 The Most Important Factor

With all of the different types of boots for hiking and the different features on each boot, how the boot actually fits your foot is the most important part in choosing the right fit for you.

  • Length:  For the right length of your boot, your toes should wiggle easily inside the footwear.
  • Width:  Your feet should not slide around inside footwear; nor should they be compressed from side to side.
  • Volume:  The bulk of your foot should fit securely inside a boot’s interior.


How to Find the Best Hiking Shoes To Fits Your Needs

Before you buy a hiking boot spend the time needed to do your research in order to become a knowledgeable consumer. As an informed consumer, you will make a better selection of your footwear and you will most likely pay a lower price than someone else who didn’t take the time to investigate. You are in luck because we have already done all of the work for you by compiling a thorough list of hiking shoes reviews for the best hiking shoe. We have also found the best prices on the internet for you. Visit our interactive comparison guide to find the boots that fit your needs.

Now It’s Time to Make a Choice

Whether you will be hiking on easy, groomed trails or you will hiking through hills and rugged terrain, there is a hiking shoe just for your situation. Shoe manufacturers make a full spectrum of shoes to fit all types of feet whether you are a male or female. Let’s face it, if your feet are not dry and comfortable then you will not enjoy your hiking trek.

Wearing the proper footwear provides overall support to your body. With the proper support, your body will not tire as quickly, so you will definitely enjoy your hiking trek a lot more. In addition, when you wear the proper footwear on your feet, your body will have better balance while walking on a the trail or climbing up rugged terrain. Another bonus to wearing footwear that provides good balance is that the proper footwear provides an additional measure of safety when walking on uneven terrain on the trail.

So spend the time needed to review the shoes listed in the comparison guide and on this website to find the right shoe to fit your needs. Once you make your selection, we have links to the best prices on the internet. As you know, new shoes for hiking shoes are being made by manufacturers all the time. Because of this reason, the comparison guide above will be updated as new boots are put on the market for sale. If you think that we left out a superior shoe that should be included in the comparison chart, just let us know.


Best Hiking Shoes 2017 For Men

There is no debate that good fitting footwear is the most important gear for any hiker. Because of its importance, it is essential that you find a boot that fits your foot comfortably. Pick the wrong hiking shoe and you will be in for a disastrous trip because your feet will start hurting within a few minutes. With a comfortable fitting boot each step that you take will be easy and as a result you will enjoy your hiking expedition.

In this article, we will list the 7 best hiking shoes for men and then provide our review of the each boot. We will highlight the best features of each boot and then provide an explanation as to why the boot is so popular. There is a good assortment of name brands in the list of the best hiking shoes for men. Any of these boots would be excellent buys. When it comes to selecting the right boot for you, consider comfort, durability, stability, weight and water resistance.

[table id=3 /]

Salomon Men’s Quest 4D GTX Backpacking Boot

The Salomon Quest 4D GTX boot is a very comfortable boot that is designed to fit snugly on your foot. Since this boot does not require much of a break-in period, you can start wearing this boot on hiking treks straight away. One of the best features of the Quest 4D GTX boot is the adjustable-tension lacing system.

This lacing system has locking cleats at the ankle to secure the laces, so you will have a single level of tension along the body of the shoe and another level of tension running up the ankle. The Salomon Quest 4D GTX is also a lightweight boot that weighs just under 1.5 pounds and is a good option to heavier leather backpacking boots.

The Salomon Quest 4D GTX provides excellent grip and traction in a variety of terrains and conditions from dry dusty trails, to wet muddy areas, and while traversing steep trails. The Quest 4D GTX shoe provides a unique blend of superb traction, stability and support that makes this shoe one of the best boots for women or men. Some of the other features of this boot include:

  • Leather and Textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Gusseted tongue locks out debris
  • Rubber heel and toe rand
  • Waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex Performance Comfort
  • Waterproof bootie
  • Non-marking Contagrip outsole
  • Control flex and reduce ankle strain with this stable, protective hiker from Salomon


Danner Men’s Light II Boot

The Danner Men’s Light II boot features a 100% waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex liner that will keep your feet dry and comfortable in all hiking conditions. The full-grain nubuck leather upper offers protection to your feet in all different types of environments. The upper material is made of 1000 Denier nylon which is very resistant to abrasions and scuffs and dries quickly.

This boot comes with stitch-down construction that provides for increased stability and traction on the trail. Danner designed the Light II boot with a Vibram Kletterlift outsole for maximum comfort and durability. The design of heel provides for good shock absorption to keep your feet comfortable. Some the best features of the Danner Men’s Light II boot include:

  • Leather and nylon
  • Vibram sole
  • 1,000-denier nylon upper
  • Stitchdown construction for underfoot stability
  • Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membrane
  • Arthotic molded PU instep
  • Vibram Kletterlift outsole
  • USA-made, classically designed, and packed with features, this boot keeps you outdoors in lightweight comfort.



Merrell Men’s Chameleon 4 Stretch Hiking Shoe

This shoe is designed with leather ridges along the sides of the shoe which prevents outside debris from getting into the shoe. The Merrell Chameleon 4 will provide you with an easy slip-on shoe that fits snugly. This hiking shoe is also considered an all-terrain shoe that is versatile enough to match whatever hiking level you pursue. • Flexible pig suede leather and breathable polyester mesh uppers keep weight low and comfort high; thermoplastic urethane arms enhance stability at heels and insteps

  • Fit is secured quickly with the adjustable elastic cord lacings with friction cordlocks; heel loops aid entry
  • Lycra® spandex/neoprene 4-way stretch collars seal around ankles to keep debris out
  • Polyester mesh linings wick away excess moisture and dry quickly for comfort; antimicrobial treatment helps deter odors
  • Partially recycled, removable footbeds add cushioning to compression-molded EVA midsoles, which feature Air Cushion heel pockets
  • Nylon arch shanks help control flex and enhance support and protection on rough terrain
  • Vibram® Chameleon rubber outsoles with 5mm lugs provide excellent traction and durability on wet and dry surfaces


LOWA Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

LOWA boots are handcrafted in Europe and are appreciated by a wide range of hikers as some of the best outdoor boots in the world. LOWA hiking boots provide you with confidence when you are wearing a well-crafted outdoor boot that is made with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

The LOWA Men’s Renegade GTX is a good outdoor shoe that is suitable for day hikes and short-distance weekend outings. The LOWA Renegade GTX hiking shoe combines flexibility with comfort. The LOWA Renegade GTX boot comes with a climate-control footbed that keeps your feet cool and dry. The boot is designed to wick moisture away from your foot which helps to maintain your comfort and reduce foot fatigue.

This all-terrain outdoor boot is intended to support lightweight packs up to 25 pounds. The GTX designation on LOWA boots mean that the boots are made of waterproof GORE-TEX lining that keep your feet cool and comfortable regardless of the temperature or conditions. These hiking boots feature a full-length nylon shank for extra stability on rugged terrain. Also, the derby-style lacing on the Renegade Mid boots ensures a customized fit for a wide variety of feet.

  • Leather and synthetic
  • Manmade sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 5″ from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1.75″
  • Platform measures approximately 1″
  • Nubuck leather upper
  • Climate control footbed
  • PU Monowrap Frame midsole
  • Full length nylon shank
  • Vibram Evo outsole



KEEN Men’s Summit County III Boot

There are many different brands of boots that are made specifically for hiking. However, Keen’s Summit County III boot is a multi-purpose boot that can be comfortably worn in casual conditions. These boots do not require break-in so they can be worn right out of the box for extended periods.

The Keen Men’s Summit County III boot comes with loads of padding around the ankles to make this boot comfortable to walk in for long distances. This boot provides superior traction on slippery surfaces. The Summit County III boot uses its 400-gram insulation to keep your feet warm and toasty. Between the sole and footbed, Keen placed a thermal heat shield to insulate your foot from the cold ground. The Summit County III also provides excellent heel support. Some of the key features of this boot include:

  • Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • 400g insulation
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Shellback heel support
  • Dual-climate weather outsole
  • Ideal for snow or streets, this winter boot from KEEN offers incredible insulation and protection against the cold.



Danner Men’s Radical 452 GTX Outdoor Boot

The Radical 452 GTX outdoor boot was designed for demanding feet; but this boot is both lightweight and tough enough to withstand demanding stress. With a Gore-tex lining, these boots are 100% waterproof and breathable which will work to keep your feet dry and comfortable, even in extreme conditions.

The full-grain nubuck leather and toe cap offer a measure of scuff-resistance to keep your boots looking in good shape. These boots provide exceptional boot support and stability while still being a lightweight boot. Danner has demonstrated their superior standards with these boots. Some of the best features includes:

  • Full grain nubuck leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex liner
  • Scuff-proof toe cap for extra protection
  • Danner Boulder TF outsole
  • 4.5 inch height
  • TPU shank



Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot

The Timberland Men’s Chocorua hiking shoe is built with waterproof leather and finished with a rubber lug outsole for superior grip. The Timberland Chocorua Trail boot can be worn in a wide range of activities from serious hiking trips to leisurely weekend day hikes. Regardless of what conditions you will be walking in, the Gore-tex membrane will work to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Some of the best features of the Chocorua hiking shoe include:

  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • 3 adjustable hook and loop straps for proper fit
  • Multiple adjustable straps for proper fit, contoured EVA footbed for comfort, flexible rubber outsole
  • Contoured EVA footbed
  • Antimicrobial footbed cover inhibits odor
  • Premium leather upper with multiple adjustable straps for proper fit, contoured EVA footbed for comfort, flexible rubber outsole.


Now It’s Time to Make a Choice

Whether you will be hiking on easy, groomed trails or you will hiking through hills and rugged terrain, there is a best hiking shoe just for your situation. Shoe manufacturers make a full spectrum of shoes to fit all feet whether you are a male or female. Let’s face it, if your feet are not dry and comfortable then you will not enjoy your hiking trek.

So spend the time needed to study the hiking shoes reviews in the comparison guide and on this website to find the best hiking shoe to fit your needs. Once you make your selection, we have links to the best prices on the internet. As you know, new hiking boots are being made by manufacturers all the time. Because of this reason, the comparison guide above will be updated as new boots are put on the market for sale.